Reasons to Skip Night Class

One of the irritating incidents I had ever encountered on the train was when I was trying to read up on my lecture notes by the side of the “inner” doors, two bangalas came in, one standing right in front of the door and the other one hanging on to the ring support at my left. It was not that bad if they did not start talking and sandwiched me with the noise. The latter even walked towards the doors to see the scenery and then walked back to his original position.

I spent my free time in office to study and do my assignment. Wee Lian’s kindness to get us involved in the afternoon’s workshop caused hesitation. I was more than happy to join in the creativity game with my colleagues but I had to prioritise my night class top after having a session the night before and also, waking up early in the morning for work.

Lunch was too sudden for me. It was quite a big group outing this time with Dorothy, Mei Hoe, Nicholas, Daniel, Mrs Wo, Vivian, Mrs Lam, Mrs Seetoh and my two usual buddies. We went to West Coast to have sliced fish soup with noodles. The person who attended to us was very impatient and rude and we were surprised that Dorothy could take it without asking us to leave together. Anyway, it was costly at the price of $5 and XO soup would be $7. Practically, I was not a lover of the item and thus, could not tell the quality.

Jingkun and I sent Weitat home before going back to the office. I was right that I could not stand sleeping for less than four hours the night before, however, I waited for Jingkun to finish off his stuffs and we left around forty-five minutes later than projected time. We even had some food outside the theatre, which cost us time.

By the time I reached home, it was almost five PM and I dozed off soon. I woke up in shock at around six-thirty PM, knowing that I would definitely be late for my night class. I hurried down to the bus-stop and it took around twenty minutes for bus 75 to arrive but it did not stop since it was too packed. Seeing that the bus-stop was half full with people who were all waiting for the same bus and not wanting to waste another twenty minutes or longer time to wait for another packed bus, I quickly paced off towards Tanjong Pagar MRT station, leaving a babe behind.

I was very quick on my feet like usual all the way to the station, however, inconsiderate people were blocking the way. Perhaps, I was very proud of myself for the consideration I gave to others whenever I was strolling slowly on the way, which in turn, increased the demands for others.

I was good in calming myself down, in order not to blame SMRT for not sending more bus 75 down at the busy hour. I was reminded of government’s campaign to advise Singaporeans to use public transport and yet the public transport system was never good enough. The train was very packed as well but somehow I managed to squeeze in.

Bad things did come with good returns for I was blessed to get to see a very stylish looking girl. She was slim in her office wear and at almost the same height of mine, holding a Mac book. I was more tempted when I saw her hold a shoes bag, which probably described her sportiness. However, she alighted at around Commonwealth.

I took bus 154 at Clementi to SIM and was late for more than forty-five minutes. I could have arrived half an hour earlier if I did not walk to the bus-stop, wait for the crowded bus and walk to the MRT station.

I was totally lost at the lab since I was very late. During the break, I sat with Yuanle and his colleague. Japit started revising the lecture and I was so impressed that he managed to enlighten me unlike the main lecturer who totally failed despite having more time with us.

I was almost killed under the torment for Yuanle’s friend went out to smoke during the break and thus when he returned, his entire body was smelt of smoke and together with his opened Redbull, the smell was horrible and poisonous and I knew the effect of taking third-hand smoke was far worse than anything.

At the end of the lecture, I called Irwin a few times before he picked up to tell me to meet up in another day.


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