Saturday Lecture, Volleyball, Mingli’s Birthday and Hong Kong Cafe

I was planning to sleep early on Saturday morning but a friend messaged me in MSN and thus, slowed down my blogging speed. I woke up after seven AM for the morning lesson and it was hell sickening having to go back school on Saturday. It did not seem like a weekend at all.

I was lucky enough to catch a bus 75 soon after reaching the bus-stop. At the first sight after boarding the new bus, I was quite stunned to see someone who looked like her.

On the way then I remembered I had forgotten to collect my student card the day before. The worst thing was that I had even forgotten the new room to collect it the next week. I went back to the original photo taking room and I was right that they did place a piece of paper at the door to highlight the place.

I met Professor Willy Susilo on the way to the restroom and I confirmed that he remembered my face; hopefully it was not due to me sitting at the front and nodding during his lecture.

They did not provide us a proper room for lecture. We were placed inside an examination room, which stretched far to the back, and thus, not everyone could really see the screen and whiteboard clearly. This was not what we deserved after paying such high school fee.

Yuanle was late and he joined me at my back’s table. The lecture was full of theories to remember and thus I was trying very hard to keep myself awake. Even though I succeeded like usual, the words did not really get into my brain.

We went to the more high class canteen during the break but the queue was long and thus we switched over to the “normal” one opposite. I met Reuben Tham and then I saw Mr Peh walk past outside.

Back to lecture, I almost wanted to kill myself for the torment to keep my eyes open. The daily less than six hours of sleep was breaking my mental system. When Professor Willy talked about the assignment and examination at the end of the lecture, I was very worried because I was never an outspoken person to debate during the presentation.

We were released very early and I left quickly to get some rest before going for volleyball. Unfortunately, I did not sleep for long and I could not get back to nap again somehow. The duck rice my mum bought was quite filling and that my stomach stitch regained during the journey back to workplace.

Mr Peh advised me of my bachelor degree course, as it was too short to be recognized in government sectors and that graduating at Australia would be a much better choice. The words kept my mind occupied throughout the night.

I missed the first game since we had seven people, excluding Mingfa’s students. I did not get many chances to spike when I got in and I wasted my rare opportunities each time. As I joined in the other games, I started to get back some feeling but I was already too tired on my legs to do much things. I made many attempts of good spiking and felt quite satisfied in the end.

Halfway through the games, Weitat and Mingfa fetched Mingli’s cake over, switched off the light and we started singing her a birthday song.

After the uncles had left, we stayed on to play two on two and I caused Andy to lose two games together with me since I had just trimmed my finger nails, which caused pains when I tried setting the ball. The softness on my legs resulted that I could not dig well without the proper foundation on the ground.

Wilson left to fetch Ruoci while Kok Chiang sent Oliver home and buying a packet of rice for the security guard. The rest of us camped at the car lobby and took off soon upon Kok Chiang came back. We went to Hong Kong café at Cineleisure. We were planning to park the car at the free parking car park opposite Cineleisure but the bird shits scared us away. Jingkun had a frustrated ride with moronic taxi drivers and we were afraid that he might do dangerous things. Mingfa bought new slippers at NewUrbanMale shop first since he lost his entire shoes bag before going for volleyball earlier on.

Weitat and Mingli shared a bowl of curry pork while Mingfa had his share with me. The usual milk tea kept us waiting for long and then we shared a mango sunrise, which was too filling for the five of us.

While we were leaving, we met Kaelyn aka Pauline. I had not seen her for long and we used to chat online last time before we got busy. The excitement lighted me up and I started doing the normal teasing, which kept the rest wondering.

I reached home at nearly three PM.


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