Sleepy Volleyball

Something caught me when I was about to go to sleep. It was an extremely tiring morning. Lunch was all alone inside the office. When I rushed to the lab to see everyone standing outside, I knew I was somehow being setup accidentally.

I struggled the afternoon nodding a few times inside the office to do work. Jingkun left for his night class whereas Weitat went home because he wanted to meet up with his friend before the volleyball game.

Mingli came over right after her class and I met her at the canteen. Weitat got back with my Burger King’s Chicken sandwich and it tasted very good.

I dozed off for a while and woke up to join in the game with five hours of sleep for the past two days. I was exhausted and thus could not perform to my standard. We had to play five on five in the lack of players and Mingli let me play throughout the games since she knew I could not go down to play often anymore.

Weitat decided to dine at the prata shop near my house. I took a lift in his car together with Mingli while Mingfa took a lift from Wilson. They had employed a China guy to work and the combination was weird since all of the staffs were Indians.

When I asked for new prata, the guy claimed that the pratas were all “new” and Wilson witnessed them reheating the pratas. Weitat was very disgusted with the plastic-like pratas even though the rest of us thought they were not that bad, but was definitely off standard.


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