Smoke Slayer Version 1.2

I started mugging on the way to work. I spent my morning more useful than ever.

Alex caught me at my seat to ask me to go touring with him after he had helped NEA to make $800. There was no luck inside his car and we had a little suntan after that before he advised me to take my lunch half an hour before lesson began.

It was crowded in the canteen. Jingkun and Weitat were already there with Mrs Wo, Dorothy, Elvin and Afni. Kevin joined us afterwards.

I was distracted from editing the Flash game. Flash animation was tedious work and it was difficult to demonstrate, otherwise, I would have to do thirty over projects and I would be awarded the points in the end.

I was very stressed up in the afternoon. After around four years, it was difficult to understand even my own coding. However, it seemed that hard work did pay off and I managed to debug it at around five PM, and finally feeling relaxed.

I went up to find my gang but they were all gone and probably did not want to disturb me since I looked stressed. I had a little chat with Meihoe for she was trying to show me the video taken during the cohesive event – Food Rally. Grace Cheong joined in to explain more details of her video editing story while I held my bladder.

I went to school earlier than usual and met Haiyati at the bus-stop and we took the same bus but she alighted at Clementi MRT. Traffic was much smoother at that hour. I went to the fourth storey to get a teriyaki chicken burger but took a beef one instead and I was more alert than usual to go back to the auntie. She made an exchange with me but I was rather disappointed with the taste of the chicken burger this time.

I went into the lecture theatre early but it was difficult to doze off. I concluded defeat. Yuanle arrived a few minutes before seven and finally I realised I did not check the school email for instructions and was totally unprepared for the tutorial.

Mr Loo started off broadcasting the presentation groups and helping us to find our team members. I was quite happy to get to know new people. Mr Loo sounded very soft and I was very glad when he mentioned that he would be taking another two of my modules in the next two semesters.

The tutorial was basically all about the presentation and we were dismissed as early as nine PM, however, bus 75 kept me waiting for long that I could only reach home at ten PM. I was so frustrated at the fact that even “bus 61” had arrived twice. Music kept my temper down.


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