So Near Yet So Far

It took fifty-five minutes from Clementi ITE to reach SIM.

Bus 52 took very long to arrive and the traffic was extremely slow since taking off from the bus-stop. There were many people boarding and alighting, putting off my plan to go and get my student pass down.

The lecturer, Professor Willy Susilo, looked young and thus, was very impressive to me. Lecture was tiring after lacking of sleep for two nights. The stress at work had worsened the situation.

After all, it was all about me and my weaknesses. I was too used to having irregular sleeping hours and thus, I could not focus well. I almost dozed off many times and I knew things would not progress well.

It seemed impossible for me to reserve more spaces in my memory space.

Having the entire lecture theatre filled with groups of friends, I seemed to be the loneliest one. It would be a big problem when group work came in.

Mei Hoe donated a realm of paper for my studies.


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