Some Good Naps

As of always, Friday started early. It stretched until afternoon and I could finally rest myself with my gang at the canteen to enjoy a meal.

I was busy with my Flash game later before Daniel invited me to leave with him. After reaching home, I took a good nap for nearly two hours before going to school without having dinner. I dreamed of my colleagues and my boss quitted the job unexpectedly somehow after some disagreements with the management as he was siding with my gang.

I was sitting beside a lady who was more than average looking but I was quite turned off when she talked over the phone to describe how slow the bus was; I was expecting her to be more calm and classy.

The bus indeed provided us with air-conditioner for very long and it took nearly an hour to reach school, which was almost twice the time for night trip.

I grabbed a chicken teriyaki burger at level four and the bite delighted me; it tasted good like what Jingkun had recommended to me at the price of $1.50. However, since I thought it was not nice to chew inside the lecture theatre, I kept the burger for the break.

Since I could not see Yuanle at first and that I did not want to catch too much attention, I took the fourth row seat, whereby the front seats were all empty. Later on, I joined him during the break.

The lecture was as boring as before but since I had some sleep before that, even though the total hours of sleep did not even exceed six hours for the day, I managed to focus more. With the self-reading of a few chapters in front during the journey, I gained more confidence.

I acknowledged that the lecturer was of certain qualities, such that he could be standing in front, but however, he had the very bad habit of repeating his words continuously and also softening his voice before the end of his sentences, seemed like mumbling to himself that it definitely made sleepy heads more drowsy. I recognised that the module was “drier” than the earlier Internet Security one, but he did not have many entertaining jokes like Professor Willy. I got tired at the end of the lesson and I concluded that I needed more recharging like old rechargeable batteries.

One ridiculous thing was that the lecturer did not get back the attendance file a day before and thus he declared that everyone was present; on this day, he came back with a complete new list and thus everyone who was present for this lecture would be considered present for all the previous four lectures as well. What was the point of passing us the attendance file to sign at only the third hour to cause some of us to leave the theatre late since some people were taking their own sweet time to sign before passing around the theatre?

Bus 75 took “forever” to come again. I watched other buses arriving as the bus-stop’s crowd dispersed, I got very irritated. I guessed some of the regular customers of bus 75 had taken other buses instead. In my bad mood, I started listening to MP3s and somehow it helped to relieve the stress.

I got home to catch only the last few episodes of the Yi Zhi Mei and when I tried to watch it online, the You Ku website took forever to load, and it was really forever.


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