Stayed Awake for the Lecture

I finally managed to remember to buy some herbal tea for Mrs Wo and Dorothy since they were having sore throat and also for Meihoe who was engaging in tough battles nowadays.

There was a little peace saturating after the marking work was finished.

I abandoned Jingkun, Daniel, Afni and Kevin to have lunch with Benny, Liangquan, Gordon and Chun Leng since I did not want to disappoint them. We had some great laughs before I joined Alex and Mdm Seet for some prowling outside.

My initial plan of leaving early failed and I got home after five to try hard to doze off. Since my mum had forgotten to switch on the cooker, she bought a packet of white rice for me and killed my effort to doze off. My younger brother returned later to wreck my plan totally.

I missed a bus 75 and I was late for lesson for around twenty to twenty five minutes. Surprisingly, I did not doze off despite without taking a nap before the lesson. However, I did not know too many things to understand the lecture, especially all the terms.

After dismissal, I waited for Yuanle for him to ask questions before leaving together. Bus 75 arrived soon. There was no luck for the night and it was boring without any good sightings. My nose was sensitive to unpleasant smell, especially when some workers boarded the bus and sat in front and behind me, and the body odour almost killed me.

A woman who was rushing off at the same stop fell down. I met Kachua who was having dinner with his colleagues at the coffee shop beside Yan Kit Road and had a little chat with him before rushing home to catch the Yi Zhi Mei show on channel U.


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