Surprised Party for Mingli on her 21st Birthday

Sunday morning was the only day I could get to sleep longer after six nights of insufficient sleep. Since I reached home late and only got to sleep after four AM, I woke up very late in the afternoon; however, I did wake up at around eight plus to interrupt the required continuous sleep.

My entire body was covered with aches from the volleyball game the night before, and the lack of sleep certainly made it worse. The efficiency was low and I managed to finish my blog entry continued from the morning, and then the countless of bed harassing provoked time. Before I could do much designing work, it was time to go out.

Mingli’s ex boyfriend had a surprised party for her at Chevrons. We were supposed to bluff her over for KTV session. Mingfa, Andy and Weitat went rollerblading with her in the afternoon and tried to stall time for the party preparation.

In order to make it seem convincing to go to Chevrons’ KTV, I had to wear jeans. Mingfa called me to pick me up at my house but I was already at Outram Park MRT station. I alighted at Queenstown MRT station to wait for the car.

After reaching the carpark, Mingli’s was so sharp that she spotted her sister-in-law’s car. I made a quick remarks of her running into her relatives wherever she went but I was not sure if her usual statement would ease her suspicious. Anyway, we waited for Jingkun to arrive before walking towards the swimming pool and asking her to knock at the first chalet’s door.

She went in to get see her family members and friends, and soon a choir of birthday song sparkled the evening. Since most of her presented friends were girls and the room was very crowded, we left after taking a group picture with her.

We went to pick Wilson up before going to Choa Chu Kang for dinner. My stomach was still bloated after taking dinner an hour back before leaving the house. Therefore, I took only a piece of serving for each dish we ordered. I had only a very little of the hor fun and a small bowl of fried rice. Each person paid around twelve bucks.

After the dinner, we went to Mustafa. The grand scene of Indians pushing each other near Little Indian MRT station to board the coaches kept my eyes opened wide. The entire street was dark and it seemed like we would be knocking down someone anytime as the Indians dashed across the roads like in foreign country. The upcoming Chinese New Year seemed to have brought live to Little India, except that the colour scheme was directly contrasting.

The brilliant 24 hours operating hypermarket kept us there for some time.


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