Sweet Gorgeous Slim Sexy Girl at SIM Bus-Stop

Mingfa came over to join us for lunch and Jingkun took us to the newly renovated West Coast hawker centre to fill our stomachs. The place was crowded and there were queues in front of most of the stalls.

The previous western food stall, which I used to frequent, was not around anymore and thus I tried the other one. The uncle had an assistant who was going around irritating everyone; she simply had no direction and was grumbling to herself whenever she was holding plates to find their owners.

Jingkun went over to cancel his order and I was quite lost for Weitat needed to rush back to office. Luckily, at the time when I was going over, my fish and chips was ready and I managed to save time from letting the old auntie wandering around before reaching my table. I had to swallow everything fast and the lousy plate of plain fish and chips without any salad; and the fish tasted plain as well.

After going back to office, I was quite troubled with Photoshop again for George’s site, which needed to be up by next week.

In the afternoon, I went over to meet up with Mingfa for dinner and it was almost a wrong decision since I forgot that he had to do debrief his students after the training, which dragged until almost six PM. We went to Clementi hawker centre. I enjoyed the chicken cutlet, which was served in bigger proportion than usual, but some parts of the meat were a bit overcooked. He was waiting for Wilson to join him before going to NUS for the girls’ training.

I took bus 184 and went up to the UOW administration office at level six to look for Bernard. I was looking at a list of number outside the door and it took me some minutes to confirm that UOW was not listed there. I called Bernard directly at his office phone line and a lady picked up to tell me that he was gone already. She told me not to hang up while she was searching for my letter at Bernard’s table. After wasting my phone bill for some minutes, she confirmed that Bernard had not helped me to prepare the document to confirm my enrolment in the university to defer reservist. I was quite disappointed since Bernard was the one who actually asked me to go to find him before my lecture and that not only he was not around, he did not even prepare it for me. I had to agree with Jingkun’s judgements for the staffs.

I went down to level four immediately to get my student card done. It was just a photo taking session and I had some doubts in the photographer’s professionalism since he did not seem to get anyone to adjust their faces at all; at least it was an impression he had given to me.

While going down to the lecture theatre at level two, I met Professor Willy and we exchanged smiles but I believed he could not really recognise me as his student among so many people. I had been sitting on the third or fourth rows in front every time and I hoped that at least he knew my existence even though he would probably be going back to Australia after the two weeks’ intensive lecture; he seemed to be a great guy.

Anyway, since I had to cross over to the opposite side, I took the escalator down to level one to cross over straight and take the other side’s escalator up to level two again. Professor Willy eventually reached the theatre before me. I thought I would be late for the third time, but since he was late for five minutes as well, I considered myself as reaching on time and it was great.

The lecture proceeded immediately but the speakers were irritating me with the echo. I was not sure of the “system” and thus I controlled my urge to request for adjustment of the sound mixer. Nevertheless, I got used to the pain on my ears after some time.

It was a tiring evening for me again but at least I felt better than the day before since I had around six hours of sleep even though I did not manage to pay back the “sleep debt”. At some points of time, I almost shut down. I saw a guy who resembled Yuanle but I did not want to lose my image to confront him in case I had recognised the wrong person. We were dismissed earlier than usual since Professor Willy did not want to start another lecture to end twenty minutes later.

Like usual, I went to the toilet before pacing to the bus-stop opposite, however, it was quite a lucky night for me to enjoy a great scenery. There was a sweet girl at my height, waiting for bus with her group of female friends. She was wearing very short shorts and her slimness was quite addictive. Her friends boarded the buses one by one and she was all alone, standing there so gorgeously and tempting. I wasted the chance after waiting for some time for my bus 75 to arrive and confirmed that I did not have the guts to approach girls on street. Anyway, she was not totally my type even though I could hardly take my eyes off her.

I managed to catch my favourite show Yi Zhi Mei on channel U for half an hour instead of five minutes.


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