Thrown $20 Ez-link Card to Sleep in Lecture

For the second consecutive Saturday, I went down to SIM for lecture. Although it was the last day of the intensive lecture for this semester, things did not spell good.

The lecturer executed his power to make everyone feel sleepy again and I was so wasted throughout. During lunchtime, Yuanle and I dined at the canteen together with his colleague. Both of us had fish and chips. I saw Lynn and Zijian who were nearby. Since I was very tired, I did not go over to address them but it turned out to be a wrong decision since Lynn told me her hottest classmate was actually presented.

I was expecting the lecture to end very early but somehow it was dragged until the very last half an hour. I overheard from some others that they were clueless as well. Yuanle did doze off many times as well but he was flooding the lecturer with questions after the lecture, which scared me off.

I was very frustrated to wait for around twenty minutes for bus 75 to arrive. The bus-stop began empty to crowded and soon, quiet down again. The worst thing happened when I realise my EZ-link card was not in my wallet. I dropped a two-dollar note instead and it began my depressive day. It was the first time I made such mistake of losing important card.

I was sitting at the farthest back of the bus and a young sweet girl boarded the bus with her mum. The back number sign of the bus was lying on the seat and the girl put it at the back. As the bus moved, the sign fell and hit her head. I took the board from her and put it besides me.

Since I got home late, my plan to take a quick nap failed. After clearing emails, I went off to Vivocity to meet up with Irwin. I was right on time but Tingfeng and him were earlier, queuing at Sushi Teh. It was the first time I went inside and it was quite nicely decorated. Irwin’s friend, Eugene, came and joined us, and we shared some dishes together. Irwin footed the bill of around $95.

After Tingfeng left, we went to collect the online booking tickets and it was billed under Irwin’s credit card. I met Albert who was camping there with his friends probably after their beach volleyball game.

The long awaited movie, Chi Bi 2, was quite impressively filmed but the fake storyline turned Irwin off. At least, I was able to concentrate fully. After the movie, three of us went off in different directions. We were supposed to go to Dragonfly with Kaiye who flew us aeroplane. Anyway, I did not have the chance to hear from Irwin about his recent story.

After reaching home, I was busy with filing of police report online, and spending large amount of time at the SAF, Ez-link and SIM websites.


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