We Golfed, We Ate and We Chatted

The morning did not start off well somehow. I woke up very early but dragged before going out to meet Irwin and Eugene for golf at Queenstown MRT. Being afraid of getting gastric pain and that I knew I should have taken more light meals, I grabbed a sandwich at the seven-eleven store.

It was a better morning than other times since there was a young sweet girl at the other end of the driving range. Since the machine over our side was spoilt, we had to go over there.

Eugene impressed me with his calmness and consistency in his first attempt of golfing. Irwin spotted my mistake of swinging the golf club and thus I realised the last two times of golfing were waste of time.

We shared around eight hundred of balls and due to the correct swinging angle, I was not as tired as the past. We took bus 51 to Bugis Junction after that and dined at Wang Kok Hong Kong Café. I had a set meal. In the end we were quite full but managed to finish everything.

We made a big turn to TCC and camped there for very long. The cute waitress, Charlene, quite impressed me. The three of us had great chats and killed the stress of the mountain-full work waiting for me.

We left at around five PM. Irwin went back to play golf and I decided that I should not spend too much time outside especially when my fingers were already equipped with many blisters.

I started dozing off and when my younger brother returned home, we went to look for my mum to do some shopping at the NTUC. At first, I was expecting my mum to get the stuffs and leave, but they took their own time leisurely when my brain was malfunctioning. The one hour of shopping was billed at almost a hundred dollar.


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