Work Dwelled on Me

I was trying to sleep early the day before but while I was setting my alarm clock on the phone, I saw “inactive SIM”. I knew Starhub had cancelled my line when they were supposed to call and inform me first. I quickly got up of my bed and started sending emails to my friends to inform them of the changes. I also mass messaged everyone in my MSN. In the end, I got to sleep at very late hour.

Lacking of sleep caused emotional problems. My brain was still suffocating from the previous day of stress and bloating, and the day simply started off very badly.

Upon reaching the office, I was received by Alex and Mr Baey who told me the urgency of the smoking poster. Alex showed me an email sent over by the top sending his regards for the smoking cases. I felt being arrowed so badly. I did not have a chance to breathe since two week ago and I did not even have the chance to tell them I needed to go to the toilet.

The worst thing was that I was only given a warning letter to get the contents from, and that ideas from both sides were different. Changes made on the contents drove me insane. I was not merely designing a poster but an editor of the contents as well. Luckily, we had some time to get together to discuss finally and confirmed everything.

Even though I was not very fantastic with my output of work, at least I made effort to do my best each time, unless time constraint, I would still produce something more valuable. This time round, I simply put texts and available images on the PowerPoint slide and submitted, which I felt so silly and insincere, though I was plainly following instructions.

I started with marking of test papers finally, which was one of the prime causes of my stress. I took the work into the lab and stayed at the back to focus on them. Instead of going home before my night class started, I stayed behind to continue with the work in my sleepy mood, and I shut down in the air countless time to wake up a second later.

All the workloads reminded me of my previous attempts to leave. I hated it when my studies were affected by my work when I was actually planning to leave so long ago in order not to waste my money away.

The canteen closed early and since I was cooping myself inside the office to do my work, I did not have dinner. I closed my eyes to rest inside the office for fifteen minutes before taking off. I was quite lucky to meet Hasnah at the lobby when she was sending George and Mdm Seet to the MRT, and she gave me a lift as well, such that I could have additional options of taking bus 154 and 184 instead of mainly waiting for the tortoise-like bus 52.

The packed traffic destroyed my plan of grabbing a burger to eat before the lesson. I was in fact early for lesson but decided to stay inside to have a little rest. However, the lecture started with injections of sleeping pills into my body and I could not stay focus even for a little.

During the break, I grabbed myself a “poh pian” to struggle through the night. Surprisingly, I managed to stay awake during the second half of the lecture. The journey home was quite boring even though I did see a few babes at the bus-stop, inclusive of a stylish girl who was unfortunately too over skinny.

Irwin was finally back in Singapore and I made an appointment to catch Red Cliff 2 with him on Saturday evening.


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