Deferment for Reservist Successful

Two weeks ago on a Wednesday, I received an email from Mindef to confirm that my reservist deferment was successful.

It was quite a waste since this reservist would last around twelve or fourteen days, which was considered as a “high key” one. I had to complete at least seven “high key” and three “low key” reservists in order to ROD and wipe my butts from the trouble.

I was quite shocked for I always thought they would probably give me around two days time-off for my exams, which crashed with the first few days of the reservist.

Anyway, what I did before that was to get Weitat to scan the letter from UOW to prove that I was a student there and then I logged into to submit a deferment application, and dropping them an email with the scanned letter together with my timetable. At the website, I indicated that I was in the third year and the school fee cost me SGD15,500 per year.

Another confirmation letter by post was received a couple of days later and I was glad to set my mind peace.


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