Switched House Phone Provider from SingTel to Starhub

Last Friday, the Starhub person had come over to my house to fix up the new telephone line. We switched over from SingTel since we had the cable modem and there was no more subscription fee every month except for the $2 caller id service.

In order to cut cost, we did not apply for calling waiting or private number.

However, since the phone line is tagged from the modem inside my elder brother’s room and he only manages to split the line over to the other room, the living room does not have any phone now, such that, when nobody is around, I have to dig for the phones where my two brothers are keeping inside the messy house.

The stupidest thing is that nobody calls me at my house number and I merely have to act as the telephone operator each time to tell the caller nobody else is at home; the greatest problem is that some of my mum’s friends are old and retarded.

I always make a point to cancel the call from any friend when I am at home and use my house phone to call him or her back. Since the house phone can never be located easily now, I may have to change the trend.


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