Tampiness Safra Sakura and IKEA

Yesterday’s family dinner with my father’s side relatives was quite rare. Last year, I was invited as well but the lack of sleep put me throughout the afternoon.

Anyway, this dinner crashed with another two events – gathering at Alex’s house and golf with Irwin and his friends.

My younger brother insisted to take bus 30 to Bedok interchange to transit to bus 168. We met our aunt who took train over to Bedok. We could have met up earlier since she stayed opposite our block.

We did have some miscommunication problems with elder brother and he was actually waiting at Tampiness Mall, after which, he took cab down instead and reached Tampiness Safra before us.

The dining at Sakura was alright, except that I was too small an eater for buffet. The variety of food was not as many as West Coast and Orchard. The worst thing was that I took too much appetizers to begin with. It was a treat from my youngest uncle and we had seventeen people in total.

After the dinner, we went to Tampiness IKEA together with the aunt who stayed near us and it was my virgin visit there. The Courts and Giant buildings next to IKEA’s were very tempting.

The layout was somehow similar to Alexander’s IKEA. I was quite interested in an armchair because of the holes that would allow air to breathe through and kiss my butts, such that I would not perspire so much; the size was smaller than my current one, which was more suitable for the position in the living room. We went back to search for the chair but I felt it was too costly at the price of $168, which could be much cheaper. Anyway, my elder brother’s girlfriend was going to pay for everything using her IKEA voucher, which I felt was not too good. We got a set of utensils and some other stuff in the end.

We took the free shuttle bus to Tampiness MRT station and took train home.

It was a tough night to get my mum to throw away excess utensils, which were probably not touched for a couple of years. We managed to clear a box out of the four annoying ones besides the kitchen’s windows after battling with my mum.


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