Tempted by Mini Laptop

There are many things to worry about if you are living in a poor family. The lack of financial support poses great restriction in things that you want to do. Let alone that you cannot have a desired working environment at home, spending on essential items is sometimes refrained as well.

There are times you wish to help others but you have to look into the mirror at your own image and consider how shabby you are. Do you have the ability to help? Will reaching out your hands land yourself in greater trouble than ever?

Often, I wonder how most people of my same age would survive in future. Unless they are making big bucks, the normal spending trend has been too big. Standard of living has improved too much over the years that everyone is actually spending much more than ever. Overseas holidays, computers and cars are liability to financial status.

The recent temptation from Daniel and my lecturer, Dr Loo, to get a mini laptop is great. I will not receive a new laptop to replace my snail crawling one in the office and that new design work will come in soon, while the old freak has not passed me the recovery CD for the desktop on my desk after a month of polite request. I would need a laptop to do my assignments during lessons with guidance of my classmates and I just need one badly to work away from home.

Daniel’s new system cost around $600. It is much cheaper than what I have expected and is definitely within budget if I were to continue to work after March. The size is small and thus not bulky nor heavy, which is very portable. However, the small screen would definitely affect design work and that the system can never match a normal sized laptop. Would I get sick of working with a tiny screen?

I hate making big decisions. I hate the fact that everything I do now will affect my life greatly in future.


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