Viewing in Different Angles

A blood donation ambassador walked in; she was not attractive in her physical and the worst thing was that she sounded too inexperience and definitely not good in expressing herself.

As she tried to explain that anyone might probably be involved in accident any time, situation heated up for not everyone appreciated her effort.

The focus was on how she had cursed everyone, which was not the actually meaning, and definitely not on the intention.

If someone has an evil heart to curse others, why would she be involved in the blood donation and why would she even bother to make the extra miles to persuade more people to donate?

It is shameful enough that we have not done anything to assist in the event and that we are probably too afraid of needles.

Some people see things in negative angles.

Some people think too highly of themselves and disregard others.

Some people follow the crowd.

Nevertheless, Confucius’ teaching simply mentions that if anyone refuses to listen, do not force it on him because it would probably bring shame on ourselves.


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