Volleyball and Assignments Weekend

I took a break on Saturday down to Clementi Town Secondary School for volleyball. The reasons for going down were to look at the new campus, Mingfa’s new Honda City and that they might be short of players since Weitat was not free.

The flooring was made of rubber-like material, but it seemed to be hard underneath. I was not used to the ground and thus, movement was difficult. Nevertheless, I felt weak throughout and it was quite a lousy day.

Since my mum was having dinner, I decided to join my gang for dinner. I took Mingfa’s new car and it was indeed quite comfortable. It was a pity that we only had Mingli and Wilson together, which I thought could have been more fun with more people around.

We had dinner at PastaMania at Funan Centre before meeting up Weiguan at Suntec and then we proceeded to IKEA. Mingli got her stuffs and then we headed to Queensway Shopping Centre.

Sunday was spent entirely on assignments and presentation. I even stayed at home in the evening when my family was going to Chinatown for dinner.


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