Sweet but not so Sweet

Have you ever given a thought that would your girlfriend get along well with your family? Would you be spending your life with only your future wife or also together with your family?

I always think that a good wife should be someone who is able to support her husband in his career, be it mentally or physically. The minimal thing a good wife can do is to not pose any problem, which some people address as liability.

Of course, some guys are only looking at girls who can fill their emptiness; these guys are probably pushing out their luck and praying hard that their “sweet” wives can be truly sweet.

For me, I always look at people both externally and internally; sweet look without a sweet heart is not sweet at all.


Romance Tips

It is romantic to eat by the roadside with your girl sometimes since it is very uncommon nowadays. Next, a little shopping and purchase of finger food and drinks help to spice up the day. To begin on a journey up to Mount Faber via Harbourfront is a challenge for couples. Next, you can reach the cable car station to view the grand scene, followed by the stature of Mr Merlion. A long walk down the road in the darkness is both exciting and sweet. Finally, grab a good place at the Henderson Waves, lie down and look at the stars. Life is so wonderful.

For these, you need a sweet girlfriend who is sporty and easygoing.


First Visit to Singapore Expo

Last Saturday was my virgin visit to Singapore Expo. The Adidas sales caught my attention but sadly, it was far too crowded as the shoppers seemed to be busy grabbing all the items at all counters without putting much thought.

The wait near Tampiness MRT station was long but nice. It was my second visit to the IKEA @ Tampiness but this time the shuttle bus escorted me over in the rain. A pity for my stomach was stiff again and I could not dine at the IKEA restaurant.

My stomach was left empty until in the late night, I had my favourite Long John’s Silver at Compass Point.


Weird Neighbour’s Drama

If you think you have some weird neighbours, it probably happens to everyone. Other than being annoying, calling my house when she can easily walk a few door-distances here to check if my family is awake, she loves to call my house’s number early in the morning.

This time, her friend came over to look for my mum and I shouted through the closed kitchen door where my mum was doing the cooking, but the friend said, “It’s okay since she’s cooking.”

She walked away after I tried a few times but she turned back again for a few seconds.

I was not the brainiest person on earth but could somehow guess the next event – my mum’s mobile phone sounded.

After the three missed calls, both of them came while I was hiding inside the room for the anticipated nuisance, they announced to each other that my mum was cooking and started calling my mum’s name.


Badminton Since School Began

Last Thursday, I finally touched the badminton racket after probably more than a month. I had not been exercising due to my studies. Weitat and Mr Neo left earlier, leaving Daniel, Dorothy, Meihoe and her family behind to thrash it out with me.

In the end, I paired up with Dorothy against Meihoe and her husband, and managed to put up a good fight in the second set. I was quite impressed with myself over some quick reactions. Lastly, I did not bang my knees onto the ground as hard as previous sessions during my diving.

Dorothy dropped us besides the MRT station. Meihoe invited me to join her family for dinner but I rejected her. It was just two bus-stops away, my mum had gotten home after giving me a missed call. When I got home, I realised my dinner would then be the fried rice she cooked two days ago.


Lunch with Bosses and Team-building

Last Friday afternoon was weird for the few of us had lunch together with the big boss and other bosses.

It was a great lunch and I felt embarrassed for the free treat from the big boss because it probably cost her a big bomb. No doubt, it was a good gathering to bring everyone closer; the lunch should be hosted long ago and I would not mind going on Dutch.

There was a captain ball game soon after the lunch. I could have done much better without the food trying to escape from my throat.


Time? Phobia?

When school started to seize my time, I wished I could do more things; when a little break was given, I failed to accomplish anything again.

I have gained something but I’m losing something as well.

Does it worth?

I hope I’m not wasting my time for a temporary enjoyment like the previous times.