6000 Words and Two Birthday Parties

One of the most memorable days of my life was two Saturdays ago. The writing of the 6000-words report kept me awake throughout. It was not long before afternoon collapsed and I was into a more panic state.

My younger brother had left his laptop and printer on specially for me while he was away. However, the printer was out of ink. Luckily, Yuan Le was still at home and he helped me to print my report.

I had to give the earlier part of the lecture a miss. Soon Siong messaged me to check out why I was not there and I was very glad to have made a new worthy friend. The remaining presentations ended early but Doctor Loo was staying inside the lecture theatre to wait for the assignments. I also waited there for Yuan Le and we actually intended to have our dinner in school but since it was a Saturday, the canteens closed early.

I went straight to Clementi and on the way, I called Weiming and Bernard but they were not ready to move off early to Cassandra’s birthday party. I took MRT to Choa Chu Kang to transit to LRT. It was the first time I did not check out an unfamiliar place on the map before proceeding there and it was a great mistake.

I alighted at Bukit Panjang Station and realised the surrounding building numbers were far from the given address. I messaged Cassandra and realised that I had copied down her number wrongly. I looked at the map at the bus interchange but I did not have a compass and such that, I actually took the wrong direction and back to Phoenix station. It was raining and nothing was going well except for the fact that there was a sweet girl besides me when I was at the interchange.

I returned to the interchange and went to Bukit Panjang Plaza. I was quite excited at first until I realised I had visited it before during army days. Anyway, I could not make a decision what to get for Cassandra, and thus, I gave up. By then, I was clear of the correct route to her house.

I waited at the lobby to wait for Weiming and Bernard. When the KB girls arrived, I joined them, which was clearly a good decision since Bernard was already up there. Bernard persuaded me to join him at Benny’s party, which was at Pasir Ris. We did not wait for Weiming who seemed to take forever to arrive after telling me he needed to take a bath hours ago.

It was pouring on the way and thus, the traffic was slow and packed. We walked through the rain and got ourselves drenched badly. The fact that my shoes were wet turned me off. Bernard told me his car had umbrella and I was stunned. I did not mind getting wet but he was a father-to-be and should have taken better care of himself. He showed me how good eater he was at the buffet dinner. After the cake cutting session, we left in quick pace and he had a slip near the carpark. We proceeded to the car park and he told me he was alright, which I was not very certain of. Anyway, he dropped me opposite Tanjong Pagar Railway station and I got drenched for the fourth time. Luckily, his petrol was enough to last him to the next petrol station.

It was a hassle to have a family to take care of, having to rush home. It was also quite a headache to attend two birthday parties on the same evening. I should have just gone home directly after submitting my essay instead of harming my health.


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