Badminton Since School Began

Last Thursday, I finally touched the badminton racket after probably more than a month. I had not been exercising due to my studies. Weitat and Mr Neo left earlier, leaving Daniel, Dorothy, Meihoe and her family behind to thrash it out with me.

In the end, I paired up with Dorothy against Meihoe and her husband, and managed to put up a good fight in the second set. I was quite impressed with myself over some quick reactions. Lastly, I did not bang my knees onto the ground as hard as previous sessions during my diving.

Dorothy dropped us besides the MRT station. Meihoe invited me to join her family for dinner but I rejected her. It was just two bus-stops away, my mum had gotten home after giving me a missed call. When I got home, I realised my dinner would then be the fried rice she cooked two days ago.


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