Character-building over Academic

It is difficult to control a batch of kids who simply cannot take in words. No matter how soft and how friendly you treat them, they probably just enjoy what they are already doing.

After a year of observation, I have concluded that how they behave depends a lot on the form teacher. Is the teacher showing good example to the kids? Is the teacher able to maintain the discipline?

Situation nowadays has turned so bad in some educational institutions those teachers who simply only hold high qualifications are junks as compared to disciplined teachers who do not possess big papers.

Has the society realised that the character development of kids nowadays is more important than anything else?


Kids are being over well-pampered by parents nowadays that many show no respect to the teachers. There is no way to handle the kids when no disciplinary action can be taken when the parents are shielding their kids with AK47. Sadly, there are other cases such as kids having broken families, which have caused them to give up on themselves.

It has come to a point that fewer dedicated people are moving into the educational field but more money-minded youngsters are seeing the high salaries government is paying them. The kids are too difficult to handle, such that the good people are giving up, leaving a big empty space to fill in, which is why the useless ones are tempted. These people cannot handle the kids well enough that they turn worse, and start to influence others to an extent that they are beyond control.

Kids who are brought up in an educational system such that academic is supreme to anything else are growing up to pass on the same logic to others, especially if they choose their career path as teachers. Of course, the society that requires certifications has a share to place the poison to the system.

The long draining process over the years has killed the dreams of dedicated teachers.

Out of the big group of workers who situate themselves in the educational system, I can easily spot jerks. It becomes so obvious when the teacher brings his kids to another institution and start asking the lecturer if they can play poker cards inside the classroom, that we know he is such a bastard.


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