MLM’s New Trick – Fake Interview

Last Friday, 06 March 2009, I received a call to ask me to go for interview. The person addressed himself as Mark from VE group.

I told him I did not apply for any job and I was not interested. He asked me a couple of times why I was not interested but I only replied him I was not interested. I questioned him how did he get my number and he told me his company had conducted surveys in universities. However, I had just changed my number a few months ago and I did not take part in any survey at anywhere. I requested him to remove my contact from his company’s database but he continued to ask me why I was not interested in the interview. I raised my voice and warned him not to harass me again, or otherwise I would call the police, and he scolded me that I would not be able to find a job next time with my attitude before putting down the phone.

The number of the caller was 65368488 and soon, I received calls from the numbers 64409271 (missed call), 64403706, 64404807, 64409271. I picked up the call and I could only hear noises like a fax machine.

I checked his number out and found out that the company was “Venture ERA Group”. There were quite a few cases of complaint over websites regarding this MLM company was conning people.


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