Relaxing Sunday

Two Sundays ago, I met up with Irwin and Eugene at the Central.

I overslept and thus did not turn up earlier. I met up Irwin by the side of the river and the atmosphere was much better than what I had expected. The people and the calmness were relaxing my mind except for the smokers, who were obviously too jealous of beautiful things.

We went up to take a walk around but did not really go in deeper. Eugene was late. Soon, my famish body started to weaken my brain. Alas, we went to one of the Japanese restaurants.

The food was quite nice but the customers were nicer. There were a few groups of diners and among them were sweet girls. There were even two groups of birthday celebration, which left me strong impression of the restaurant. The view by the side of the glass windows made dinner more refreshing.

Apart from these, the waiters of the restaurant were ridiculous. The food was out of stock and they did not realise it after such a long time. It was not that bad if they did not repeat the same mistake right after we changed our order.

The bill chunked up to nearly a hundred bucks and Irwin made me the freeloader once again.

After dinner, we went to a café to have some drinks. I did have a few small slips of the alcohol. The chicken wings Eugene ordered was quite unique and nice.

Life would be wonderful if everyday would be so relaxing.


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