Third Implementation Task

Two Fridays ago, I was stuck with my assignment as usual. It was the third implementation task and I did not seem to be ready for the entire module yet.

The sudden change of the poster design was a surprise to me for I thought everything was almost completed. Luckily, I was quick enough to amend it to sum up the more than twenty emails exchanged.

I stayed inside the office until after five and went to school directly to continue with my work but to realise there was nothing much I could do. I submitted only one mark out of the two and half marks question. The frustration could never be described.

Later, I realised the last question required installation of a sample database in order to do. Even though it was already copied into a CD given by the lecturer long time ago, it was not mentioned in the task’s instructions, which was ridiculous.

It was not the end of the terror.


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