Weird Neighbour’s Drama

If you think you have some weird neighbours, it probably happens to everyone. Other than being annoying, calling my house when she can easily walk a few door-distances here to check if my family is awake, she loves to call my house’s number early in the morning.

This time, her friend came over to look for my mum and I shouted through the closed kitchen door where my mum was doing the cooking, but the friend said, “It’s okay since she’s cooking.”

She walked away after I tried a few times but she turned back again for a few seconds.

I was not the brainiest person on earth but could somehow guess the next event – my mum’s mobile phone sounded.

After the three missed calls, both of them came while I was hiding inside the room for the anticipated nuisance, they announced to each other that my mum was cooking and started calling my mum’s name.


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