Cherish the Good Moments

No matter how tough work can be, I am satisfied enough to have great colleagues in both my previous and current offices.

Lunch with my usual gang is always great with all the auntie-like talks when I have to listen to both speakers at one time, trying to show respect to both of them. The jokes, the teases and the gossips are entertaining.

I love dining with other colleagues as well.

It seems that nothing good can last forever. No matter what, all of them will eventually be heroes in my life.


Meaning of Your Dreams

Falling in a dream can be a sign of insecurity.

Being chased can symbolise running away from a problem.

Losing teeth may reflect concerns about appearance.

Running and getting nowhere is a sign of overwork.

Flying is a symbol of being in control.

Being naked suggests a desire to communicate, as taking off clothes is akin to removing barriers.

Dreaming about celebrities, and particularly dreaming you are friends with one, can symbolise an idealised version of a person you already know.



They do not inject jealousy but beautiful memories. The memories, being piled up yesterday, today and tomorrow, are sweet, real and everlasting.

Write a poem of love and let the brush stroke the happiness day by day forever.






Saturday, 18 April, 2009


We Cannot Have Everything

Before you can open up to express that you are getting too much of everything, new burden starts to rub in.

Can you manage to focus when gunners are pointing at you while needy people are crying for your help? Can you withstand it when things are ways beyond your capability and yet you are such a perfectionist? Can you concentrate at the point of time when everything is pending at the highest priority level?

Can you calm yourself down when the clown is testing your patience inside the burning room? Will you find all sorts of crappy excuses to drag things on when you know it must be done eventually?

When everything is unreachable, will you rather give up some things in order to get the rest done?