One of the Worst Days

A day started with official work and a faraway lunch. The chicken rice at Beach Road was good but I preferred roosted chicken and the rest was somehow more to a similar preference. I got two pairs of shorts before that at the “Little Thailand” of Singapore – Golden Mile.

In the rain, we walked around the army market where I got myself a Caribbean with a lock to secure my batches of keys. The roads were flooded and I got my socks a little wetted to turn my day black.

My suggestion to visit IKEA was massacred by the rain. I did not want them to make a trip down just to get a cushion and a white board; since young I felt uneasy to make others follow my decision because I did not want any hard feeling. I was simply unlucky that I anticipated correctly that they would make a lunch trip there during the holidays but I was away on that very long-awaited day.

The continual of work inside the office was interrupted so many times that I was so turned off. It was a sin to irritate designers.

Many things could be done much earlier, such that others would not be bothered.

SBS Bus 52 was ridiculous. It seemed like leaving Clementi at 6.10pm could nearly get me late for school. The long wait for the approaching of bus 52 so crowded that the driver did not want to open the doors. I quickly paced towards the next bus-stop at the MRT direction to wait for bus 154. After another long wait, two bus 154s arrived at the same time. The good thing was that they took turns to stop at the bus-stops.

The lecture’s contents were boring to the extent that I had to rub my eyes to keep myself awake, but I still had a second of knock-out to poke my finger into my right eye.

The sick bus journey added burden to my brain as I started to feel giddier. The last deadly blow was the couple who boarded near Great World City to provide a weird smell of fishball noodle right in front of my seat.

It was one of the worst days of the year. Nothing beats an abandoned heart.


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