How often do you wish for something badly and yet you prioritise other things over it?

You think you can get it somehow because it is within your comfort zone; you start to let your negligence overruns.

You do not feel the degenerating and you think it should be always there for you.


The Sweat at Lower Back

It is not fun to stand inside the MRT daily, having a small portion of my body sweating – the lower back.

I cannot help not to recall the usual remarks from people who hear about my injury, just a two words in dialect – “Chao Keng” – because it relates to the army. It simply spells the distrust in every human being nowadays.

Nevertheless, the people who can think of something are people who have the urge or have already done it.


Early Morning's Chores

One of the worst things that could happen in the early morning was when you were carrying two big bags like the army days, your old neighbour saw you and wanted to pass you some fruits.

When she opened the door, her dog went out and you knew her legs could not really catch up with the dog. You hurried to catch up with the dog in a marching style to grab her and return to the neighbour.

Since that was quite an old dog and had some smell, you had to go back to your house to put down the fruits and washed your hands.

It was a simple yet not good morning to start off.


Project Meetup on Saturday

A meeting up with the groupmates at Sembawang burned my Saturday. The Sunday was not spared as well, but at least I was able to do other things at home, such as backing up some of my data into the new external hard disk.

Having to spend two hours to travel to and fro, I could hardly agree that it was a good trip. At least, we pardoned Yuanle from travelling from Bedok Reservoir.

The weekend woke my backache up after sitting for hours on the floor around the small table without backrest. The pain weakened me and put me on the bed every now and then, and I lost all concentration with the irritant.


Listening – a Form of Showing Respect

After a short conversation, you may start to realise how much you appreciate someone who allows you to finish your words without interrupting.

There may be hundreds of friends who care so much for you and always put your interest before theirs, but there are only a couple of them who are really to listen to you attentively without forcing in their anticipations halfway.

This is a basic form of showing respect which many brilliants tend to overlook.


I Hate Thursdays

It has been very taxing weeks and I hate especially Thursdays.

Rushing my lab work till late and getting up early to continue for the entire day, until the very last minute of the lesson, life is a torment.

My back aches as the struggle continues, to wreck my life together with the mental stress.

How I wish these would end immediately.


Wake up, Be on Your Own

There are always plans for the future. You can hear them loud and clear from any friend. It always seems so promising in the beginning until time wipes off the emptiness.

Dreams are dreams after all.

We have been hearing too many fantasies and reality merges too well with all the tales.

When you wake up, bear in mind that all you have to do is to depend on yourself; because nobody owes you anything or is responsible of you.