The Mute Woman on the Bus 52

One of the bad incidents I witnessed on the bus happened last Thursday. I was on the way to school in a packed bus 52 near Sunsetway. Standing on the right side of the bus more to the front, I suddenly heard yelling a few metres in front on the left.

It seemed like a mute Malay woman who had a little girl with her assaulted an educated middle-aged Chinese woman. The supposed-to-be victim shouted that she was trying to ask the Malay woman to move her belonging away from a seat for the sake of others, and the Malay woman started to punch her, followed by kicking and pushing.

Things got nasty as the Malay woman started screaming like a mad woman. The Chinese woman ordered the bus driver to pull over by the side while she called police. In the busy hour of the evening, the sound of the bells howled repeatedly. The screaming resumed and the Malay woman dragged the little girl to the back doors in the hope of getting off and nobody dared to stop them.

Finally, the stunned bus driver moved forward to the nearest bus-stop to alight all the innocent passengers before the police’s arrival. Only a handful of people stayed behind and I was puzzling over the few people who were sitting right at the end of the bus for they chose to stay behind. They were sitting too far behind that they probably did not see anything to provide any detail to the police.

I would not sentence the Malay woman simply based on one-sided story but for as far as justice was concern, she was wrong to draw her fists. There was however, I reserved some sympathy for the mute.

The nearest police station was supposed to be quite near but seemed so far away. I managed to catch a bus 151 to reach school soon after that.


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