Sometimes lunch can be a problem when other colleagues kindly invite you along and your buddies do not want to follow.

You have been working together with your colleagues for so long and it will not be nice to reject their kind offer. You love to mix around with all the kind souls.

You cannot leave your buddies for the other groups since it is not nice to do so because your buddies are the ones who are always there for you.

Will you abandon your buddies?


One More Week

The great fear is approaching soon again. I seem to have a phobia for everything. I’m doing things that I really hate and sick of.

For the past one and a half year, I do not have long holidays like others. Extra projects boil up my brain. I’m a person who will do creative work if given the free time and I enjoy freedom.

I have neglected my websites so much that I have almost forgotten my dreams, and somehow, I’m beginning to lose myself after stopping the work that I have been doing for more than ten years.

This is not me.


Family Going Overseas Again

My whole family is going to Batam for holidays tomorrow and returning on Monday. It was going to be a quiet and lonely weekend for me. The house would definitely be much cleaner since I would usually do at least a little tidying up.

I don’t know why they persist to go at such time where H1N1 is mesmerising the entire world and that my younger brother had spent a fortune at Europe. All their pockets were already squeezed dry.

We have different thinking and I’m more of a silly loner.


The Urge for a Car

Wednesday evening, Hirman waved over to me when I was leaving the office. He was going to the airport and would pass by my place.

The comfortable trip back was so much better than squeezing in the train with so many uncivilised people; moreover, I had a companion to chitchat with me.

I could not help but to indulge in being sent home.


Second Badminton and Fourth Volleyball Sessions

The badminton session on Tuesday was great. It was the second time I played for this year and I was glad that I was still able to run. Mei Hoe, Weitat, Jingkun, Alvin and Mr Baey were my companions for the afternoon.

We did not resume until late evening since we decided to go out for dinner before the volleyball game. It was after 6pm and we set off for “Hong Kong Street” near Alexandra road. We shared a few dishes of Chinese food.

We managed to send Mei Hoe home before going back. My legs were stiff after the earlier run and partly, due to the cold weather. At least, my physical condition was much better than the previous week.

I still could not get a hand of spiking, but receiving balls was of a satisfactory standard. We did not stop until after eleven when everyone was exhausted.

I was lucky that Weitat had taken his dad’s car and thus he could send me home after eleven.


My Younger Brother was Back from Europe

My younger brother finally returned from Europe last Friday. His girlfriend drove over to pick us up before going to Changi Airport Terminal 1 to receive him.

It was certainly a great exposure for him, which I would never have the chance to experience.

Alas, my mum needed not to worry for him anymore and that I could have a higher chance to have someone to accompany me to play LAN game before the commencing of my hell days two weeks after.

We had lunch at Vivocity’s Food Republic and I forgot that I should not take the expensive chicken chop since the standard had dropped.