Bad Dining Experience at Clementi RC Jack’s Place

Last Friday’s lunch was Clementi Recreational Centre’s Jack’s Place restaurant. It was Dorothy’s favourite and most of the staffs already knew her name.

All of them ordered steak except for me since I could not take beef. I had my usual fish and chips instead. Mrs Wo’s cup had cracks at the top. Then, Dorothy’s steak was fully done instead of medium. In the end, they served us with spoilt fruits to destroy their final chance of showing off the restaurant.

Dorothy called for the manager and asked for advice and the manager offered to use ice-cream to replace the fruits. Dorothy asked for black forest cake instead and he unwillingly agreed. I had a small scope of chocolate ice-cream, whereas Dorothy’s slice of cake was pathetically small.

We were so disappointed with the service and service recovery skill. In the end, one of the waiters bought a cake out of her own pocket money and gave it to Dorothy. She impressed us so much more than the stingy manager did.


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