Second Badminton and Fourth Volleyball Sessions

The badminton session on Tuesday was great. It was the second time I played for this year and I was glad that I was still able to run. Mei Hoe, Weitat, Jingkun, Alvin and Mr Baey were my companions for the afternoon.

We did not resume until late evening since we decided to go out for dinner before the volleyball game. It was after 6pm and we set off for “Hong Kong Street” near Alexandra road. We shared a few dishes of Chinese food.

We managed to send Mei Hoe home before going back. My legs were stiff after the earlier run and partly, due to the cold weather. At least, my physical condition was much better than the previous week.

I still could not get a hand of spiking, but receiving balls was of a satisfactory standard. We did not stop until after eleven when everyone was exhausted.

I was lucky that Weitat had taken his dad’s car and thus he could send me home after eleven.


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