Second Badminton Session of the Year

I continued my Tuesday with the giddiness. Artificial tears did not seem to help much.

I knew well study and work all days would simply make me dull and weak. I went for the second badminton session of the entire year and had great fun. They all simply loved my entertainment for them by flying all over the court even though I certainly had no skill in the game. With bruises and blue-black, I felt quite satisfied.

Mingfa’s kids came over. Sean questioned me,”Have you lost interest in volleyball?” I was to speechless to explain my situation. To think it was funny, I played badminton one more time than I played volleyball this year.

Meihoe’s urging to make me join them for dinner set me on a wrong path. We were taking rather long time to get to the place, which was actually near Bukit Gombak MRT. It was late by the time I got home and the worst thing was that I did not even know who foot the bill, to set me in guilt.

It was not a day for such luxury relaxation.


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