Starhub Max-online is Crap

Following the past two weeks of slow internet experience, the Starhub cable modem demonstrated the “excellent” service from Starhub Max-online. The “POWER” LED was lighted but “DS” was blinking. The following LEDs were all dead except for the “LINK”.

It was 2.30am in the morning, I was typing an important email, and doing other stuffs as well, that required internet access of course.

I started calling 1633 for Starhub’s assistance soon using my mobile phone because the home phone was connected to the modem and was completely dead. It took me around a minute before I could start to wait for the operator to get on the line. Nobody picked up the phone like the previous time I called them and I got so irritated when I heard from the recorded voice “Alternatively, you may drop us an email via” – If I could email them, I would not even have called. After a while, my phone died on me due to the extremely poor reception from the Starhub mobile service.

I tried my luck for the second time at 2.51am and they managed to hold me up for more than ten minutes before an operator finally picked up the phone. As the reception over my side was terrible, I could not really catch his name – he said something like “Daniel”. Anyway, he went to check for a minute and returned to tell me that it was due to maintenance between 2am to 6am. He assured me that the connection would be up after 6am.

I questioned him, “So, you mean Starhub doesn’t inform us before the maintenance?”

His reply was, “By right we should…”

I knew it was not his fault and thus I did not make it difficult for him. It was 3.14am and I put down the call.

It was less than two minutes after I rested my ears, I noticed that the connection was up. It could never be such a coincident and I strongly suspected the downtime was not due to maintenance.


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