Super Sick

Since the beginning of the week, my throat started to irritate me. Somehow, my eyes were very tired and I could not stop myself from nodding in the afternoon no matter how much sleep I took.

The weather was intemperate and the office was full of sick workers. I could no longer withhold the virus and flu started to emphasise my body by Wednesday. The cough managed to keep me awake for quite some time on my bed.

A visit to the Outram Polyclinic was a new experience during this Swine Flu period, where screening of temperature was done outside the entrance. All the visitors with symptoms such as fever, cough and flu are allocated to a different queue.

I was among the outcast group to be attended within a room. The pharmacy took over the original reception counters and even took my identification card, which was probably used to call up to check whether had I gone overseas within the period.

It was a long wait and Doctor Tan Kai Hui Colin attended to me. I was surprised over his friendliness, which was rare among the polyclinic doctors. He assured me of my condition was normal and gave me MC (medication certificate) to excuse me from work for two days. It was the first time I was given two days of MC in the polyclinic without having to debate with the doctor.

I went home to swallow the disgusting cough syrup, flu pill and sucking the lozenge. Soon, the power of the syrup and pill put me to sleep.

I could feel myself floating at night. My body was warm and I knew fever had joined in the fun. The first thing that came to my mind was I did not have any medicine for fever since my temperature was originally 36.2 degree in the morning. My mum gave me panadols to resist the fever before I went to bed.

My temperature fell between 37.4 and 37.9 degree throughout. I could feel my entire body torching and aching. I predicted the weekend would be wasted.


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