First time on Chi Chiang’s Bike

After missing the chance to hop onto Chi Chiang’s bike last Thursday due to a sudden call up for a meeting, I finally made it exactly a week later.

He did not cut lanes as often as usual for he was afraid that I was not used to it. He maintained safety distance in between the vehicles and the feeling was great. The wind hitting on the helmet created sound, which innovated a drifting feeling. It was cool.

The negative thing about sitting on a bike was that it was difficult to communicate. We would be able to chitchat if we were inside a four-wheeled vehicle, and I would not feel as bad as if he was my chauffer.

Chi Chiang timed and the journey was around twelve minutes long, and I was stunned. He was quite worried about me being scared off by the speed of the bike, which was unnecessary.

Having to get home early was fantastic. My life seemed to come alive again and I felt so refreshed finally. If not for the weary body caused by the months of torments, my evening would be much more efficient.


Early Home from Tutorial

Yesterday, Weitat offered to send me to school again. Just as we were about to leave, Chi Chiang volunteered to give me a ride as well and I had to reject him. I felt so blessed with good friends who were willing to spend extra time just to make my life more comfortable.

I was more than an hour earlier for the lesson. The usual study tables at both sides of the lifts were filled and I moved to the opposite where I discovered the area where not as many people were desired. There was however, a group of students at the second table, making noises to distract me.

I was fed up with the Microsoft Word that hung on me and it was probably due to the windows updates I did before leaving the office. I had to switch to the 2003 version to get things working. It was a pleasant evening eventually with the passers-by, drawing more of my attentions. SIM was definitely crowded with cute babes.

I made my attempt to create documents for the FYP as the leader. Since I had wasted quite a lot of time with the MS Word bugs, Soon Siong caught up with me soon.

After dinner, we reached the lab right on time. Dr Loo surprised me by saying we could submit the assignments on the spot instead of following the paper’s instruction of emailing him before 7pm.

I began digging into the tutorial two all by myself and finished it right after Dr Loo announced that we had to submit it to him. We left the lab at 8pm, breaking the record. I was quite glad with myself for being able to finish the work for the entire group to prove my worth.

I missed a bus 75 right in front of me and thus, I followed Soon Siong in his bus 74 to transit to MRT.

I closed my lids a few times and lost track of the actual time that I dozed off.


Tuesday’s Traffic Jam

I took a free lift from Weitat on Tuesday evening home from office. He was going to fetch his friend at the old Gan Eng Seng School campus near the railway station.

It was drizzling, which probably answered to the mystery of three car accidents in Singapore at the same point of time. Moreover, there were also three cases of car breakdown, which kept Weitat’s journey fully occupied.

The mass traffic jam did not affect me a lot since I did not have any class or date for the evening. However, it took me an hour to reach home and I almost dozed off completely inside the car during the prolonged journey. Even though my usual MRT journey was only twenty minutes, exclusive of walking and waiting for the train, I was more than comfortable than squeezing with the ungracious people.


Work Work Work

I never want to be a clown when it comes to serious work. I would never pretend ignorant in front of the chores. I never want to use my mouth instead of taking actions.

There are just too many weird people in this world and we cannot force everyone to think alike.

It seems that I have made some progress in changing myself over the past few weeks. At least, I’m more determined and enthusiastic in doing work.


Babe on Bus 75 again

It had been quite long since I last noticed babes on the trip home from school. She was sitting two seats behind the back doors of the bus 75. In her navy blue top and neat hair near shoulder length, I was mesmerised instantly.

The pen and notebook on my hands were secondary of my thoughts. My work resisted the temptation pathetically. I did not turn to the left to have a glance of her again but I had never lost her image of my first sight.

To my wrecking heart, though the journey was further than expected, she took up in front of the doors at the bus-stop nearest to Great World City. Her slightly bare shoulder on a side brought out her stylishness.

That was my second and last sight of the fairy-like eye candy.



Dedicated to all the love seekers…



Written: Wednesday, 22 July, 2009

We have dreams and goals. We work towards the future until we meet someone of the opposite sex who is very special. We start thinking that we should dedicate more time for the special someone, and slowly we put our dreams aside. We enjoy romantic moments and the greatest joys on earth until the day the special someone leaves. Then, we have achieved nothing and we are alone.

How many people have faced the same situation? How many supposed-to-be heroes have lost their youth in the absence of achievements?


Young Warriors of the Yang Clan is Back

Channel 8 has been re-screening the “Young Warriors of the Yang Clan” Chinese drama series again at every weekday’s midnight.

It is a good guide to sleep early since I can get prepared by midnight and start dozing off during or after the show.

This drama is great for it is filmed in a warm-hearting way, which differs from other China historic shows. It involves relationship between parents, parents-children, siblings, boy-girl, emperor-subjects, and even the villain is cool. They have very good plots, which keep viewers in high suspend in every episode. I like the warring parts.

If you have missed any episode, you may catch it online at


A Sudden Meeting

The last minute meeting called yesterday placed me in an awkward situation. Chi Chiang had brought an extra helmet for me to send me home and I wasted his effort. I felt so guilty throughout the entire day.

It was the day my mind got in confusion again after my boss strike me with a sudden question, which I wanted to discuss with him soon, but not in front of others. I felt disappointed in myself because I did not do it earlier.

To leave or not to leave?