Last Volleyball Games before Hell Days Again

I had my last two sessions of volleyball because going into exile for another two to three months.

Tuesday began with the badminton game. It was quite fine. Then, we went to West Coast Plaza to have dessert, however, ended up in an awkward situation, dining in a Chinese restaurant. In fact, almost no one felt like eating.

Jingkun, Weitat and I returned to have the volleyball game. On the way, I had a cup of bubble tea, which caused extreme discomfort in my chest, such that I could not breathe properly. In my sprained right ankle, I had one of the worst volleyball days ever. It was a bloody day. Mingfa sent me home after that.

On Thursday, I was doing work alone in the office until evening when everyone started to arrive slowly. The stress of the work and the lack of sleep, together with the sprained ankle did not seem to tie me down. Over a few games, I started to get back some touch of the ball.

The worst thing that I had done was to give up playing together with my teammates so that others could play. Then, I joined another team in the next game and I could almost stroll around. Then, I had to wait outside the court for the next couple of games. The last game was boring.

We went to the Popeye at Singapore Flyer but changed destination to Bedok 85. I had a plate of chicken chop before going home to finish a bowl of fried rice.


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