Mingfa’s Early Birthday Celebration

Saturday night’s chalet was one of the weirdest ones I had ever attended. I probably should have kept my ears shut earlier since not knowing anything would be a blessing perhaps.

Mingfa came over to pick me up and we wanted to meet up the rest at Tampiness One, however, got stuck at a multi-storey car park nearby. We were trapped inside for more than ten minutes even though we had given up.

It took us quite long to get to Downtown East. It was drizzling and thus we decided to fill our famished bodies before collapsing. The “chicken rice shop” served quite nice food.

The group of us started to enjoy ourselves inside the room by playing poker. I did two sets of push-ups as forfeit, whereas Mingli and Ruoci outshone everyone.

I was a freeloader during the barbecue session and I was not comfortable with it. Boredom almost killed me until we started playing some reaction games.

After Mingfa blew off the candle on his birthday cake, Jingkun sent Weitat and Mingli off. After a while, Mingfa kindly became my chauffer again.


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