First time on Chi Chiang’s Bike

After missing the chance to hop onto Chi Chiang’s bike last Thursday due to a sudden call up for a meeting, I finally made it exactly a week later.

He did not cut lanes as often as usual for he was afraid that I was not used to it. He maintained safety distance in between the vehicles and the feeling was great. The wind hitting on the helmet created sound, which innovated a drifting feeling. It was cool.

The negative thing about sitting on a bike was that it was difficult to communicate. We would be able to chitchat if we were inside a four-wheeled vehicle, and I would not feel as bad as if he was my chauffer.

Chi Chiang timed and the journey was around twelve minutes long, and I was stunned. He was quite worried about me being scared off by the speed of the bike, which was unnecessary.

Having to get home early was fantastic. My life seemed to come alive again and I felt so refreshed finally. If not for the weary body caused by the months of torments, my evening would be much more efficient.


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