Last Lesson

Finally, 311 is over.

There were pushing of responsibility, late deliveries, forging of ignorance, grumbling, but of course, some self-sacrificing.

I could have done much better. If it was not for the fear of being taken granted again, I would not mind doing more stuffs.

Alas, I can concentrate on the final two examination papers and FYP.


MS Word Level Up

I have never expected myself to take so many hours to finish formatting a report on MS Word.

I’m now more familiar with amending the default settings to synchronize everything properly, inclusive of the content page, SmartArt, page number in different sections and other features.

I’m supposed to recuperate my health in order to fight a stronger battle to prove myself…

Sleep just before daylight again.


Wrong Choice

I made a wrong choice of playing volleyball today.

Having cough was bad. Sleeping less than twelve hours for the past three nights caused weakness in my entire body, especially the brain. I had a filling dinner right before the game. My nails were a bit long and the worst thing was that I injured my fingers the day before while forcing in nails into a board with a tiny screwdriver, and there were blisters as well. My backache also haunted me.

I almost could not catch my breath at the third game and gave up since I totally suck at it.


Assignment Rush

I had been so hardworking that I worked through the early morning until 4.30am and 5.30am for two consecutive days.

The insufficient rest had hurt my back badly.

The surprising thing was that I was able to manage the two mornings almost entirely by myself. The throat irritation almost killed me. I was stoning for the two afternoons, nodding like a mad DJ.

The tiredness was beyond words to describe.


Sick and the SIM Babes

My health had been depleting for the past few days ever since Sunday morning. The bloated stomach invited flu along on Tuesday night and I almost could not make it for work the next morning.

Taking panadol caused me bad cough and I could not doze off with the irritant on my throat. I was not sure if I was allergy to panadol because it was not the first time it happened. The giddiness in the morning almost tripped me over on the way to Bukit Batok.

I was surprised that I could still conduct the workshop in my condition. It was a terrible morning to struggle on for my weak body wanted to collapse so many times while I put on a strong front.

Lunch was at Clementi’s coffee near the NTUC. The chicken cutlet was a letdown. I was not sure if I was too giddy or Weitat heard wrongly, otherwise, I would have enjoyed the chicken chop instead. A gay bee ruined my entire cup of lime juice by kissing the tip of the cup and also sucking off the juice.

I was always sleepy but the flu worsened my condition that my eyes could hardly stay open in the afternoon.

Magdalene gave me a lift to school and thus I reached SIM very early. I took a seat at one of the study tables and two quite good looking girls shared the table with me, and even sitting on the same side, right besides me. There were many babes passing by as well.


Deaths ahead

Lunar seventh month has arrived again, reminding me of my dad. Eleven years ago, he died due to lung cancer, which was caused by smoking.

Yet today, I can still see youngsters trying to throw their lives away, at the same time, causing inconvenience to others. They are short-sighted and cannot visualise the future; they rather merry their lives away to suffer years later.

Reality brings too much disappointment and the emotional ones would continue to suffer.