Blogspot – Template and Layout – Reliability

My Saturday was spent quite usefully, except that my efficiency was low.

I manage to get more comfortable with Blogspot’s Layout after switching from Template a couple of times. Layout is a cool application of Blogspot that is much more powerful than the old Template, which is simply straightforward HTML coding with some special strings. Layout improvises a new language of Blogspot, which allows kind of server-side programming before Blogspot generates the plaintext – HTML. There are loop and if-else statements, which I have not had enough time to figure out the syntaxes yet.

Blogspot is, however, not perfect. Professional bloggers would try to host blog in their own webhosts, because some people claim that Blogspot would remove their blogs when they generate too much traffic. I cannot confirm on the statement but I have just experienced a deadly blow a few days ago when one of my blogs was deleted without any notice from Blogspot. Remarks from Google is that the blog consists of malicious coding, which is generated from external script hosted by Bloglinker – a link exchange site that display partners’ links on each other’s site.

From then on, I have lost a great source of traffic, which I have maintained for almost three years. I’m unable to retrieve the database of content. I would reserve my trust for Blogspot after this major setback.


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