Dinner at Redhill Market after Badminton

On Tuesday, my nightmare arrived again. I hated to be alone at certain places.

How would you feel if you were left alone to handle many immature people and have to take care of the equipments at the same time that you could not even go to the washroom for three hours?

It was not only tediousness, but also the enduring power to hold bladder. It was both physically and mentally draining.

I took care of the exhausting morning to begin on a better day, in my discomfort throat and cough, I pulled through the afternoon. The badminton session was a release of tension from my mind. I did not play well but I felt very comfortable with my diving skill, even though I created more bruises on my knees.

After that, I went to Redhill hawker centre to have dinner with Mei Hoe. Unfortunately, I was too thirsty that I could not take much food and Mei Hoe preferred to order many small dishes to share. In the end, she had a small plate of oyster while I had an awful plate of chicken chop.


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