Eventful Friday

Last Friday, the morning gave me the chance to snapshot all over the school. I had not done that for long. I was using my younger brother’s new camera and it was just a second-hand normal digital camera.

I had lunch together with Jingkun, Weitat and Mei Hoe at West Coast Plaza. In the afternoon, I went to Sara Homes for the first time with colleagues and a pity for we went there too late.

I had a short rest at home before going to Liang Court to join my colleagues at the PartyWorld. I was having bad cough that I could not even sing, and the trip there was merely because I had always skipped their outings. I had great laughers throughout. Jingkun stunned us by fulfilling his forfeit of getting some girls over to sing. Towards the end of the night, I was in my usual drowsy mood.

Jingkun sent Weitat and I to meet up with Mingfa for supper before we went to Mustafa. I bought a badminton racket.


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