FYP Discussion and Beach Volleyball at Clementi

I had my FYP meeting on Sunday afternoon at Plaza Singapura. Everyone was either on time or earlier. The discussion seemed to be more fruitful than other project meetings. We began at around 2.30pm and nobody had expected the meeting to end as late as 6pm.

It was not a pleasant evening for somehow I had gastric pain. I went home to have a little rest by sitting down in front of the computer before I started to pack up. I felt weak but decided not to miss out the fun with my friends. I got a bun at the cake shop nearest to Clementi MRT station and they certainly did well in conning customer by cutting the hot dog into half to create a false impression that there were two hot dogs in each bun.

My second time playing at Clementi beach volleyball court was one of the worst beach volleyball games that I had ever played. The lighting under the dark sky was my flaw as usual, and together with my weak body, it was obvious that I should have stayed at home to rest instead.

We went to NUS to clean ourselves up since Ruoci had to attend her project meeting. Then, we had dinner at the nearby nasi lemak shop. I had three pieces of plain roti prata. My guilt strike me again when Jingkun had to send Weitat home to fetch another car in order to send the rest of us home.


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