A Great Badminton and Volleyball Day

I had another great day. It had been a couple of months since I last played badminton. It was the first time I used the new racket. The six of us, inclusive of Hirman, Weitat, Jingkun, Mr Neo, Dorothy and I rotated to played doubles. I was totally off form and kept missing easy hits. However, the company was great.

Dorothy kindly brought us (Jingkun, Weitat and I) to the nearby coffee shop for dinner in our smelly jerseys and bodies. That was the second meal of the day, which we had together. After that, she sent us back to the campus before going home.

We were too tired for volleyball. I could have done so much better if I was not distracted in the office earlier when I was trying to trim my fingernails. The long nail instigated fears in me and I did not dare to hit the ball, which caused a lousy performance in front of all the girls, women and aunties-to-be.

After washing up, Weitat sent Kok Chiang home. Then, he drove Gin, Tony and I to my place. The prata shop was surprisingly closed for business, and we shifted to the Golden Café coffee shop.


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