Cupboards in front of the Train Doors

At Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, when I was getting out of the train at the purple line (NEL), everyone was standing on or behind the yellow lines. There were however two Indians standing right in front of the doors when obviously there were many people waiting to get out of the train.

I hardened all my chest muscle that I had left after slacking for almost a year and walked straight once the doors opened, without any intention of giving way to the two dogs who were trying to squeeze in before the rest.

Obviously, passengers getting into the train should make way for those who were getting out. These bastards were selfish and thoughtless that they would only care about themselves at the expense of others. These brainless creatures were simply lengthening the time taken for all passengers in regardless of moving into or out of the trains.

I felt so excited for a few seconds when I banged into the male dog, as he was pushed forty-five degree by the impact. He turned and stared at me and that made me even more joyous. I was feeling so strong at that point of time and I wished he would be a firm ass.

I could have taken out my phone and do a video taking but I was simply lazy and the doors would have opened before I activated it.

Actually, there were two staffs just a door away, but they did not seem to be doing anything. As transportation fee raised and we had to fork out more from our money, we were actually feeding those useless bums. Of course, most of the staffs did show enthusiasm in their work, but there were a few obvious black sheep among them.


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