Dinner, Volleyball and Supper

I had a great volleyball game on Thursday, other that my face was smashed by the ball at an extreme angle from the opposite side.

The fun started off before the game as Kachua arrived at the campus early and I joined him together with Weitat to Jurong Point. We did not really know the exact way but decided to try our luck with the uncertainty. Sitting at the passenger seat was more relaxing and I was certainly blessed.

The old food court at the main Jurong Point shopping centre was under renovation and we changed our plan to the duck rice stall. It was one of the rare times that I did not finish my meal because of Kachua’s brother, the little cockroach, who flew on my food. To think that I thought he was a fly at first…

Walking around the shopping centre was great although it made us tired when we got back to the campus.

I was able to recover my skill slowly, using more of my wrist power. I was not confident with my servicing skill, which I used to be powerful and almost error-free in the past. The lack of practising caused a great dealt to my confidence. I would not have put in so much effort until my spectacle dropped off and I poured in my strength to jump.

We made our way down to the Carl’s Junior fast food restaurant at Big Splash after the game. I wondered why so many teenagers could be there on a Thursday midnight since the place was not so accessible.

It was all good and I was happy throughout the evening and early morning.


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