Jenne’s Birthday Celebration 2009

Last Friday was a meaningful day. I had chances to render help to others on my free will.

Hard work was never too bad with good colleagues around.

Lunch was great with Dorothy, Jingkun, Weitat and Elvin at West Coast Plaza’s Dian Xiao Er.

In the evening, Magdalene, Weitat and I took Hirman’s car to shop for Jenne’s birthday cake. Poor Hirman was staying behind to decorate the place. I was full of guilt because he had to take cab in the darkness after that to join us. Anyway, the shopping was fun. We went to Chinatown Plaza and realised the cake had to be pre-ordered. Then, we walked to Amara Hotel and saw some stylish looking cakes and decided to order one. We had sushi to fill up our stomachs before setting off. My extreme lack of sleep put me to bed during the journey.

Timbre @ Old School was a cool and cosy place to hang out. However, the hard fish and chips sucked to the maximum. However, other food tasted quite well, such as the chicken wings and pizzas. There was a high price to be paid for.

We went to Zaki’s studio apartment after that and the night was filled with interesting craps. The fun and sincere people touched my heart.


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