Serviced Mobile Phone and New Headset

I had my phone sent to the service centre besides IMM during Wednesday’s lunchtime.
Jingkun and I took Daniel’s car over and waited quite long for our turn. The rest reached IMM soon and met up with Daniel and Jingkun told them to go ahead with their meals first while the two of us could take bus back to office after that.
The fact that upgrading the software to solve the lagging problem would take around three hours wrote a little disappointment on my face. I felt stupid for not bringing an extra phone with me since I would have to leave my phone with them. Nevertheless, I did not know I would have the chance to go over on that day since we were supposed to go the week before since I mentioned about the lagging problem.
We were quite fortunate that we managed to catch up with the rest afterwards, or otherwise, I would feel guilty towards Jingkun and probably Weitat for making them to take bus with me.
As they wanted to queue up for lottery, Weitat, Jingkun and I had a tour around the Challenger shop where I bought a headset for eight bucks. It was the first time I had ever bought one for myself. I needed it to reduce the distraction from all the “hoo-ha” around the office.
After work, Jingkun dropped me at the entrance of the same building. I waited for quite some time before getting back my phone. I walked alone towards Jurong East MRT station to take train home.

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